Monthly Archives: July 2015

Greek Salad Pita

  How often do you pack lunch for yourself? That’s a question I have been mulling a lot lately. For me, the answer is ‘not often.’ In fact, it might just dwell in the realm of ‘almost never.’ I realize how silly it is that I don’t. But it always seems to fall to priority […]

Kale Pesto for Pasta

On Sunday, I climbed a mountain. Perhaps that statement isn’t so impressive to Mainers who regularly rock climb, hike or otherwise scramble across rocks. I love the outdoorsy attitude of this state, and its people. BDN Columnist Aislinn Sarnacki’s 1-Minute Hikes series has inspired me to get out and try easy hikes around the state. […]

Easy Strawberry Lemon Refrigerator Jam

In my family, I’m known as a little crunchy. I know. It’s hard to believe, especially since I’m the city girl who wears all black all the time and doesn’t even own rainboots. But behind the stilettos and city attitude is someone who grew vegetables in her backyard and put up jams, pickles, relishes, sauces […]