What to Eat When It’s Snowing

The Great Blizzard might be over, but this Maine winter is just getting started. (Don’t look now, but another storm is headed this way on Friday … and perhaps Monday too). That’s a lot of snow — and it means a lot of eating in with whatever you have.

While the storms rage outside, what can you eat inside? Here are a few ideas:

Quiche, or its sister frittata

Snow Day Quiche

From BDN staffers to readers of my Maine Course album, many of us whipped up quiches during the blizzard. The fluffy egg-based pie is equally delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And let’s be honest: you pick up eggs at the store in preparation for snow, right? If you happen to have pie crust laying around in the fridge or freezer (or are motived to make your own), then grab those eggs, some milk, cheese and whatever veggies you have handy and whip up a quiche. No pie crust? No problem. Just make a frittata instead, which is a crustless egg creation that’s a little heavier than a quiche, but still delicious.

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Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

That extra loaf of bread is just begging to be grilled into comfort food — in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich. You don’t need a recipe for this one. Just take your favorite cheese and melt it between two slices of buttered bread. Want to turn up the volume on your creation? It’s all in what you put inside. Try adding bacon or sauteed onions to a cheddar grilled cheese. A brie grilled cheese is delicious with ham tucked inside. Or, if you are feeling very adventurous, stick some sliced pickles into a classic American cheese grilled cheese.

Cheese and Veggie Mini Kabobs

Mozzeralla Tomato Skewers

There’s just something about eating off a little stick, isn’t there? Grab your favorite toothpicks and stick cubes or little balls of mozzarella on them with your favorite veggies or fruits. Just think of the possibilities — cheddar with apples, mozzarella with grape tomatoes, asiago with peppers or whatever you have. It’s a fun snack, perfect for snowy days.

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream

What’s that? Something a little whacky and different? That’s what attracted us to this phenomenon. As the storm was winding down Tuesday, I whisked together a few ingredients, called the kids to get clean snow (eat snow at your own risk, people) and whipped up a batch of snow ice cream with peppermint Andes candies in it, leftover from Christmas. The result? An icy ice cream that the kids thought was the greatest thing ever. I didn’t love it as much as they did — but hey, it was fun.

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Sarah Walker Caron

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