About Sarah

Sarah Walker CaronHi, I’m Sarah Walker Caron, the senior features editor for the Bangor Daily News, and resident cook. My recipes have appeared in the BDN, Betty Crocker publications, Glamour.com and more.

The kitchen and I? We’re like this!

There’s something bewitching about using fresh whole foods to craft a luscious dish to feed others. Food is evocative and nourishing. It joins people in shared experience. As they say, food is love.

My earliest memories are tightly interwoven with the scents and flavors of my childhood kitchen. The sweet muskiness of warm apples boiling on the stove for applesauce takes me back to when my aunt and I would peel, core, slice and cook apples to go with homemade potato pancakes.

The sultry robust flavor of sweet Italian sausage stirs memories of swiping bits of sausage from my grandmother as she whipped up sausage and peppers for the whole family. Steamy lobsters remind me of our massive family reunions on Cape Cod, filled with laughter, volleyball and the happy din of close bonds.

These days, my kids are the ones dragging chairs to the counter to help imagine, prepare and cook delicious family meals. My oldest is Will. He’s 9-years-old and loves food. His favorites? Sushi, lobster, pasta, chicken, broccoli and tomatoes.My daughter, Paige, is six. Like her older brother, she appreciates good food. She adores berries, sushi, veggies of all kinds and chicken.