Monday Mailbag: Newport Storm Smoked Porter

The BDN offices receive samples of books, food and more all the time. While these samples might not find a home in the articles we publish, I wanted to highlight some of the best things that cross the features desk. You never know what you might find … This week? Newport Storm Smoked Porter beer.

Newport Storm Smoked Porter Beer

A little while back, a box arrived to the BDN containing two bottles of beer from Newport Storm, a Rhode Island brewery started by four college friends in the late 1990s. Late last year, this microbrewery with a commitment to keeping things small released a unique brew unlike any I’ve sampled before: Smoked Porter.

What makes this special is how this beer is made. At least 75 percent of the grains used in the recipe are smoked over beechwood, giving it a rich, deep, smoky flavor. The brewery says it is reminiscent of bacon, but the flavor made me think of the aroma at a good barbecue joint with a smoker outback. It was a lush ale that I enjoyed from the first sip to the very last.

This is a beer that would be perfect for sipping while enjoying some brisket … or maybe some hot wings.

Newport Storm beer is available in Maine. Check out the company website for locations.

Sarah Walker Caron

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