Mini blueberry white chocolate scones

Love scones? This recipe for tender, sugar-topped Mini Blueberry White Chocolate Scones made with Maine blueberries is perfect for sharing.

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Growing up, my grandmother Betty always told me that you should never arrive at anyone’s home without something in hand. When I was young, that meant we’d stop at local bakeries and pick up something to share. Buttery cookies, fluffy frosting covered cakes, pillowy donuts — they are were perfect for sharing with whoever we visited.

That lesson — to never show up empty-handed — stuck with me.

These days, I don’t often stop at bakeries — mostly because I love cooking in a way my grandmother never did. She cooked as a means to an end; I cook because I love it — and especially love feeding people. Instead, I have a cache of easy, delicious sweets I can whip up on short notice. Among them? Scones.

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If the word scones conjures images of dry, crumbly baked goods that require gallons of liquid to swallow, then I have to ask that you put that aside. Homemade scones aren’t dry. They aren’t even crumbly. And though you may want a cup of coffee with them, you won’t need that liquid to choke them down. No, homemade scones are tender, lightly sweetened and absolutely delicious.

To make these, choose fresh buttermilk. You can find it at some farmers markets, or pick up Kate’s Real Butter Milk at the grocery store. Kate’s is a Maine company that I’ve had a love affair with for years. Back in Connecticut, their Butter Milk was always my go-to for baking.

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For the blueberries, I love tart wild blueberries, which are now in season here in Maine. They provide a delicious contrast to the sweet white chocolate. But any fresh Maine blueberries will make these a memorable bite.

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One more thing you should know? Scones are incredibly easy to make. If you have 30 minutes to spare, you can have a batch of these babies ready to go. The process is as simple as mixing (in one bowl!), patting into a circle, cutting and baking.


These scones? They are perfect for sharing. Why not whip up a batch today?


Illustration by Eric Zelz

Illustration by Eric Zelz

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